What Happens if You Cancel iFit on Your Nordictrack Elliptical?

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nordictrack elliptical benefitsWondering what happens if or when you cancel your paid iFit membership on your Nordictrack elliptical?

What exactly will it look like?

Just as a refresher, you do get a free month of the full family membership to iFit (5 people) if you currently buy a Nordictrack elliptical direct from the Manufacturer here.

So you can try it out for a month to see if you like it and if it works for you.

But if you decide that you don’t want the full paid membership and want to cancel before the month is up, what kind of functionality will you get on your machine?

Well, according to the manufacturer, you’ll still be able to use the elliptical in manual mode (you can also use the free version of iFit with limited workouts as well).

With the manual mode you’ll get a basic screen with feedback on your workout stats and be able to incline/decline, change resistance, etc.  You can basically use the elliptical as a normal elliptical trainer.

Here’s a pic of an elliptical in manual mode:



The video below shows you what happens if you don’t have iFit and use the machine in manual mode. Note that this gentleman is showing you what iFit manual mode looks like on the bikes – but it’s similar for ellipticals or treadmills.

I’ve also summarized a few of the most important points of the video below – with my notes added – for you as well:


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Video Summary:

What happens if you cancel or pause your full iFit subscription?

First of all, iFit is on a lot of products – including ellipticals, rowing machines, treadmills etc. It’s also on Proform, Nordictrack, Freemotion and a lot of machines in the ICON lineup.

In this video, he found that both the Proform and Nordictrack machines give you the same results when you cancel the full membership and you don’t have iFit on either machine. So he’s assuming it’s the same experience across other machines like treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines etc.


iFit Workout
Why Would You Want to Pause Your iFit subscription?

You might want to pause , for example, in the summer when you won’t be on your machine as much.

Or you might want to pause if you’ll be away from your machine and don’t want to pay the monthly fee. (Note you can pause and restart your paid iFit membership at any time – the iFit user interface makes it easy to do this).


What Will You See if You Don’t have iFit on Your Machine?

You’ll still see the options of the full iFit membership on the screen when you start the machine up. This includes all of the workouts you can do with the full membership.

But when you try to click on the functionality you won’t be able to run it. You’ll see a pop-up screen that gives you the option to renew your paid membership before you can go forward and watch that workout.



You do still get the calendar view if you don’t have the iFit membership.

So you can still see your full workout history – including the workouts you did with the full iFit membership. So that’s always a handy way to  track your progress and see how far you’ve come over time.

The Google map functionality works – but you can only map out a new route and save it to your account. Once you go to use it, you’ll find it’s locked out until you renew your iFit membership.

You can do a workout on your machine in manual mode by clicking on the manual mode button at the top right of the screen.

You’ll see a screen with a track and basic stats like speed, incline, time, calories burned etc. You can change resistance, incline etc as you would on a standard elliptical.

Basically, without iFit, you lose all of the fancy iFit content like the live workouts, world trail workouts or the Googlemaps function.

The good thing is that all your workouts – even in manual mode – are tracked in the calendar view.

So you can go into your history and see all workouts you’ve done including the full membership rides and rides without iFit membership.

Also note, while this is not in the video, there is a free version of iFit you can use that does give you a few teaser iFit workouts you can try on your elliptical.

And, as stated above, iFit makes it easy to pause and restart your membership at any time.


Another Option to Save Money:

Also note that if you want to save money, there are two paid membership options.

There’s the full family membership (which covers up to 5 people) and an individual membership which is about half the price of the full family membership. So if it’s just you, then you might want to stick with the individual membership and save yourself some money.

So hopefully that gives you an idea of what you’ll see if you don’t have iFit on your Nordictrack elliptical trainer.

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