Nordictrack Studio Elliptical Trainer Review

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Nordictrack Studio Elliptical – A Good Buy for You?


nordictrack studio elliptical reviewThe Nordictrack Studio elliptical is a super-affordable, starter elliptical.

It’s a front drive layout – which many people prefer (vs rear-drive), with a 16-pound flywheel.

While the console is pared down and simple, there is a media shelf to hold your tablet or phone.

So you can go online and watch Youtube videos or connect to iFit and run trails all over the world through your tablet.

Is the Nordictrack Studio elliptical a good buy for you? How does it stack up?

Here’s a review of what to know before you buy:


The Basics:

Price: $899 + Click Here for Free Shipping

Resistance Levels: 20

Stride: 17.5 – 18.7 inches

Folding? No

iFit?  Compatible

Bluetooth? Yes

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Warranty: 10-Year Frame, 2-Year Parts  and 1 year Labor Warranty



Nordictrack Studio Elliptical Review – The Benefits:


Simple Console with Media Shelf

The console on this trainer is quite simple with a toggle, dual-color display.

It gives you feedback on the basics like your time, resistance, pace etc.

However the saving grace here is the media shelf in front of the console.

You can use this to store your tablet or phone and then go online as you workout to watch Youtube videos, search the web or stream Netflix as you workout.

This elliptical is iFit compatible – so you can also connect to iFit online and run trails all over the world or take fitness classes from your phone or tablet (more on iFit below).

While this console is quite simple and pared down, it does have one advantage. You don’t have to connect with iFit through the console if you don’t want to.




While a lot of people like iFit, some people don’t want it at all. And they don’t want to connect to iFit at all (even the free version) in order to use the trainer.

If that’s you, then you’re looking for a console like this – dual-color, with no built-in iFit monitor in the console.

So while the console is simple and small – for the right buyer this can be a plus.


20 Digital Resistance Levels

Add some challenge to your workout with up to 20 levels of digital resistance.

This is power resistance. So you can change the resistance easily from the console (you don’t have to get off the machine to change it – which is handy).



A lot of people prefer a front-drive elliptical vs a rear drive machine. They can be shorter with a more compact footprint. Plus, having a heavy flywheel under the console (instead of behind the pedals) can help give you a more stable feel.

Some people also feel that they can be easier to move around.



Explore the World with iFit

The Nordictrack Studio elliptical machine also comes iFit Compatible. Note that because you can’t connect through the console on this trainer that you will have to do it with your own tablet or phone.

With iFit you can connect it to the wireless internet in your home and run new trails all over the world – from the streets of Paris to the shores of Hawaii.

You’ll see the scenery pass you by in the tablet screen for some virtual reality-style fun. There are thousands of iFit world trails to explore.

Don’t want to travel the world?


iFit Streaming Workout

With iFit you can also take Livestream fitness classes – which cover everything from yoga to stretching to HIIT training workouts.

You can also track your workouts over time and see how far you’ve come – which can be very motivating. And with the iFit tracker you can keep track of everything from your daily activity to nutrition to your sleep patterns.


Bluetooth Audio

This trainer also comes with Bluetooth Audio and console speakers. So you can pair your devices and listen to your favorite workout music as you run.


Dual Speed Workout Fan

There’s also a dual-speed workout fan in the console to keep you cool This may seem like a small thing – but it’s very handy during long, hot workouts.





Nordictrack Studio Elliptical – Any Drawbacks?


As stated above, the console is very simple and small on this trainer. It doesn’t have the full-color, HD touch-screen that alot of people prefer (which Nordictrack puts on their higher-end trainers).

It also toggles back and forth (you don’t see all your stats at one time – which some users may find annoying).


Starter Elliptical

While it gives you the basics, this is still a starter machine and won’t give you the longevity or stability of a higher end trainer. The flywheel is ok – but at 16 pounds it’s a bit on the lighter side.

The pedals are not adjustable as with some of Nordictrack’s other models. Plus this trainer is a bit light at around 200 pounds.




Bottom Line?

If you’re looking for a starter elliptical from a well-respected name, you may want to check out the Nordictrack Studio elliptical. It’s currently on closeout – so it may not be around for long.

But if you can get it, it offers you a simple, well-designed front drive trainer for a good price.

It does lack some of the polish and construction quality of Nordictrack’s other trainers. But for occasional use, it should be alright for most people.



Where to Buy and Save:

You can get the closeout price on the Nordictrack Studio elliptical model direct from the Manufacturer here.

You can also use the link below to get Free Shipping and save around $150.


Click Here to Save on the Studio Elliptical


nordictrack studio elliptical review



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