Nordictrack Skier vs Elliptical Trainer – Which is Best for You?

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Trying to decide between a Nordictrack skier vs elliptical trainer?

Wondering which is the best option for you?

nordictrack skier vs elliptical
Nordictrack Ski Machine


Good question. They each have their benefits.

I’ve owned and used both. I think it really depends on what you’re looking for at the end of the day.

This post will give you a rundown of the main differences when comparing a Nordictrack skier vs elliptical to help you decide. So let’s dive in:


nordictrack se7i elliptical machine



Nordictrack Skier vs Elliptical – Price

As of this writing, the Nordictrack skier does have a slight edge here. There’s only one model to choose from – which starts at $799 with Free Shipping here.

You do have a larger range of Nordictrack elliptical models to choose from – everything from starter models up to commercial grade machines. You can compare the current models starting around $1099 with Free Shipping here.

So the skier is just slightly more cost effective than the elliptical trainer. However it’s also a much more basic machine.



Console Differences

The console is what you’ll be staring at the entire time you workout. Because of this, most people want a console that is:

  • Easy to Read
  • Easy to Understand
  • Fun to Watch
  • Adds a few Entertainment Features

And this is, unfortunately, where the Nordictrack skier really falls short. It gives you a very simple, basic console as you can see here:


Nordictrack Skier Console


It’s not backlit and can be hard to read. It’s extremely basic without any entertainment features – no media shelf for your phone or tablet, no music port, no iFit Coach, nothing.

Basically this is a very dull, boring console.

Now compare this to several Nordictrack elliptical consoles – all of which are backlit and easy to read. Some even have full-color, HD touch-screens that will stream iFit workouts or world trails for you to run:


Nordictrack FS10i Console


Plus many of them have music ports with speakers – so you can plug in your phone and play your favorite workout mix as you workout.

They also have dual-speed fans. So you can stay cool during extra-long workouts.




Skier vs Elliptical – Exercise Motion

This is really a personal preference issue – do you prefer the running motion of an elliptical trainer? Or the cross-country skiing motion of the skier?

There are a few things to consider however.

Most people are familiar with the motion of an elliptical trainer. They can just hop on an elliptical and go. However the Nordictrack skier motion is quite different – and does take some adjustment.


Nordictrack Skier


It also takes a bit of balance and coordination to try to use the lower body ski blades with the arm pulls. If you’re not overly coordinated, this might be frustrating. And it will take time to master it.

Also, the elliptical trainer gives you more ways to crosstrain: You can pedal forward or backwards. You can also get an elliptical with power incline which changes the slope of your running path, which works more muscles.

The skier does have a manual incline adjustment – but it can be a bit tricky to get it just right.

You can’t just push a button on the console to change the incline as you can with the elliptical trainer.


Skier Incline


Calories Burned?

There hasn’t been any published studies comparing the Nordictrack skier vs elliptical trainer in terms of calorie burning benefits. However there’s no doubt that both help you burn a lot of calories.

You’re getting a full body workout on both – using upper and lower body. So you’re going to burn more calories overall than say, just walking on a treadmill.

So there isn’t really a clear winner here. The machine that ultimately burns more calories is one that you enjoy and use on a regular basis.



Main Benefit of a Nordictrack Skier vs Elliptical:

You may notice that the Nordictrack elliptical is coming out ahead in many aspects here and you’re right. However there is one area where the Nordictrack skier has an edge: weight.

This machine is much more lightweight and easy to move than a standard elliptical trainer.

There’s no heavy flywheel and it comes apart in minutes – so you can easily pack it up and move it away in a closet if, for example, you have company coming.

So if you really need something that is super-easy to move around, then the skier is worth considering.



iFit Coach – A Game Changer?

Most Nordictrack ellipticals do come with another major advantage over the ski machine – they are compatible with iFit Coach.

With iFit Coach you can stream high-energy fitness classes to your console (or tablet). You can also track your workout stats over time, set goals and see how far you’ve come – which can help you reach new heights.



Another cool thing?

You can run trails all over the world and see the landmarks pass you by in the console screen – for some virtual reality fun.

This opens up a whole new world of fun things to do on your fitness machine. And it comes on the Nordictrack elliptical – but not on the ski machine.

So this is something to consider as well. With iFit you can grow over time, watch your fitness level improve and never run out of new workouts to try.



Bottom Line?

So is there a clear winner when comparing the Nordictrack Skier vs elliptical?

Well,there are benefits to each.

The ski machine is a bit more affordable and much easier to move around – making it great for apartments or smaller workout areas. It also will give you a great full-body workout.

However it also takes a lot of coordination to master – and the entertainment options are non-existent. So you might get bored pretty quickly.

The Nordictrack elliptical gives you a lot more exercise and crosstraining options. Plus you can do a lot of fun stuff: listen to music, take a fitness class, run trails all over the world with iFit or watch movies on your tablet.

So you’ll probably enjoy your workout time a lot more.

At the end of the day, it depends on what you want.

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