Nordictrack Elliptical Without iFit? 3 Options To Consider

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Looking for a Nordictrack elliptical without iFit?

Nordictrack came out with iFit – their online streaming fitness service – about 6 years ago.

It’s designed to work with your elliptical to give you a more immersive training experience – with live fitness classes, online tracking for multiple users and famous world trail runs.

While many people love it – not everyone wants it.

The good news is you have options if you don’t want iFit with your elliptical.

This post will cover a few excellent alternatives if you want a Nordictrack elliptical that doesn’t have iFit. So let’s dive in.


Nordictrack Elliptical without iFit – Option #1


Use the Free Version

As of this writing, Nordictrack is moving towards eventually making all their ellipticals iFit compatible and built-in.

So the trainer will work with iFit (compatible). And you can connect directly online through the multi-color, touch-screens (built-in) using the wireless in your home.

However most people don’t realize that there are 2 versions of iFit – free and paid.


iFit Workout

The full paid monthly subscription includes all of the fancy world trail workouts, classes and virtual-reality style training options that you’ve probably heard about.

The free version is just that – free.

You do get a few built-in workouts included with this option. And you can still see your workout stats, incline, resistance, time, heart rate and other feedback as you run. But that’s about it.



So in essence, with the free version of iFit on your elliptical, you can use it like a regular elliptical without a streaming option.  You just won’t have access to all of the classes or world trail programs.

If you really want a specific Nordictrack elliptical – like the Freestride trainer or the popular Commercial 14.9 model – but you don’t want to pay for iFit, then this is a great option. Just use the free version to get around iFit.


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Nordictrack Elliptical Trainer without iFit – Option #2


Find A Dual-Color Screen Model

Don’t want to use even the free version of iFit on your elliptical?

Then your next option is to find an elliptical without the iFit connection built into the screen. And that means one without the full-color, HD touch screens (basically older or starter models).

So you’re looking for a crosstrainer with a dual-color screen (see below). There are fewer models that offer this now (I’ve listed some options below).


Studio Elliptical with dual-color screen

The thing to know is this: most of these ellipticals are still compatible with iFit and will work with iFit if you want them to. But since iFit is not built into the screen, if you do want to try iFit, you’ll need to add in your own tablet (or phone) and connect that way.

So these trainers are technically iFit compatible. BUT you do NOT have to connect with iFit online (even the free version) if you want to use your elliptical. You can just get on, hit start and go.

One of your best options right now?

The Nordictrack Studio Elliptical.


nordictrack studio elliptical review
Nordictrack Studio Elliptical

This is a starter front-drive elliptical that Nordictrack is currently selling at a discount (but I’m not sure how long this will be the case).

It has the dual-color screen and – while it is iFit compatible – you don’t have to connect with iFit in order to use your trainer. You just get on the elliptical, hit start and go.

Another bonus if you want some DIY entertainment?

There’s a media self in front of the screen that you can use to store your laptop or phone. So you can add in your own entertainment programs that way if you wish.


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nordictrack elliptical without ifit



Elliptical without iFit – Option #3


Buy A Refurbished Model Without iFit

Another option?

You can look for older, refurbished models that have the dual-color screens we talked about in option 2 above.

I personally like New Life Cardio as they have a good selection of both Proform and Nordictrack ellipticals – some of which have the dual-color screens.


nordictrack spacesaver SE7i Elliptical Review
Dual Color Screen


Any of these ellipticals will not require you to sign into iFit to start the machine.

For example, as of this writing, I found several older Nordictrack elliptical models that have been completely refurbished with the dual color screens for sale. You can use these without having to sign into iFit.

Many also have built-in workout programs and tablet holders as well. Just make sure you’re getting the dual-color screens and not the full color screens.


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Nordictrack Spacesaver se7i elliptical - 2017


So this is another great way (for now) of buying an elliptical without iFit. This option may not be around forever as older models are purchased and there’s less stock. But for now if you really don’t want to use iFit (even the free version) with your elliptical, it’s a great option.

So those are 3 alternatives to consider if you want to buy a Nordictrack elliptical without iFit.

I’ll keep monitoring the situation and if any other non-iFit Nordictrack ellipticals come out, I’ll try to update this page for you.




Bonus Option #4 Try iFit for Free – then Cancel Your Subscription

Keep in mind that you can always buy any Nordictrack elliptical and enjoy the included Full membership for a limited time. Then just choose not to renew your membership (which will then automatically take you to the free version of iFit).

Just go into your iFit account before the free trial period is up and turn off the auto-renew option so you won’t be charged.

Then use your elliptical with the free version of iFit.

That way you get the best of both worlds. You get to try the full iFit membership out for free and see if it’s something you want to use. But you can cancel it (before the trial is up) without paying anything if you decide it’s not right for you.

Regardless of what you decide to do, I hope that gives you some options if you’re looking for a good Nordictrack elliptical without the iFit option!


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