Nordictrack Elliptical Black Friday Sales – What You Need to Know

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Welcome to the craziest time of the shopping year – we’re closing in on Black Friday.

And that brings up the inevitable question that I get on this blog every year:


Does Nordictrack have Black Friday Elliptical Sales?


The good news is that – yes they do!

Nordictrack usually starts putting out a few sales in the couple of weeks leading up to Black Friday. Lately they’ve been starting Black Friday sales earlier and earlier every year.

This is smart since many times they sell out of the most popular models on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. And people get upset that they can’t get the elliptical that they want in time for Christmas.

So by putting on some sales here and there in the weeks leading up to Black Friday, people can still get a great deal on the elliptical that they want. And they can still get it in time for Christmas.


Click Here to See the Current Nordictrack Black Friday Sales




What Are The Most Popular Models This Year?


As stated above, the most popular elliptical models tend to sell out the fastest. So if you plan on getting a popular model, just make sure you’re on top of the sale prices so you get them while supplies last.

The hottest ellipticals this year?

This is only my opinion, based on the stats I see on this site. But my guess is that the most popular Nordictrack ellipticals will be the Nordictrack Freestriders – either of them, the FS10i or the FS14i.

These trainers give you a completely adaptable stride – unlike a traditional elliptical that locks you into one set stride. A lot of people like that option.

They’re also lower impact than other machines, making them great if you are prone to shin splints, knee or hip pain.

The other popular models right now are the Nordictrack Commercial 14.9 elliptical – probably because it has the largest, HD-touch screen console (which makes it a lot more fun to see the iFit workout scenery).

And possibly even the SE9i elliptical – probably because it folds up to save space.


nordictrack fs14i freestride trainer review
Nordictrack Freestride Trainer


nordictrack elliptical sales



Why All the Fuss About Black Friday?

So what’s the deal about Black Friday anyway? Why is it even called Black Friday?

Well, you may know this already, but I thought I’d throw out some interesting history for you – just in case you don’t know.

Black Friday was not always a term known to the public – but it has always been known to retails sellers behind closed doors.

They called it that because it traditionally referred to the Friday after US Thanksgiving.

This was known by stores and retail sellers to be the busiest shopping day of the year.

This was the day when sellers made so much money it usually “put them back in the black” – meaning they were able to make a profit for the year.

Because of this, sellers started putting on some of their best sales of the year, trying to move out older merchandise to make way for the new models coming in.

Eventually the public caught on to this process and the “Black Friday Sale Event” was born.

And thus today we have the heart-warmingly violent shopping fights, rushes and excitement that we’ve come to expect from this special day of the year.

Ahhhh the holidays.

Good luck and be safe out there….or just save yourself the hassle and shop online in the comfort of your own home.


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