Elliptical Incline – Do You Really Need It?

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What You Need To Know About Elliptical Incline


nordictrack elliptical inclineElliptical trainers used to be so simple – you get on and ride them in a forward (or back) running motion.

Not hard to understand right?

Then came all sorts of upgrades – one of which was elliptical incline (also called ramp by some manufacturers).

Ramp first showed up on Precor models – however other manufacturers (like Nordictrack) quickly came out with something similar on their trainers (at a lower price no less).

And people went crazy for this option.


What Exactly is Elliptical Incline?


Basically incline changes the slope of your running pathway.

So for example, if you’re running in a flat-plane motion, you might notice that you’re now running more uphill as you change the incline settings (or downhill).

It’s kind of like incline on a treadmill – it just gives you a more uphill feel to the running motion.


nordictrack skier vs elliptical
Nordictrack Elliptical with Incine


What are the Benefits?


Basically the benefit to having ramp on incline on your machine is that you’ll be using different muscle groups and constantly changing things up. So it helps you to get a better crosstraining experience.

Do you actually burn more calories?

Some experts think so – but I’d say it also depends on a lot of other things. (You can slack off during your workout even if you’re using the incline setting.)


nordictrack elliptical trainer reviews


Do You Need It?

In a word – no. But is it nice to have? Yes.

Will you get a better workout? Yes.

Will you get more out of your training time – most likely.

Having more options for getting a better workout is always a plus – and well worth the extra money in my humble opinion.

But you always have to balance things out. You can still get resistance on a trainer to add some challenge. And if you can’t get incline – but you really like the trainer and know you’ll use it, then it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get elliptical incline.

So at the end of the day it comes down to the whole elliptical package – not just one feature.

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