Cheap Nordictrack Elliptical? Where to Save Hundreds On A Nordictrack Elliptical!

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cheap nordictrack ellipticalLooking for a cheap Nordictrack elliptical?

Nordictrack makes a range of highly rated, popular elliptical machines. But the high demand means these trainers don’t go on sale a lot.

It can be hard to find a good deal or a Nordictrack elliptical cheap.

One way you can get a discount Nordictrack elliptical is to buy used.

This isn’t the best option since you’re really going in blind.

You don’t know what kind of damage the person selling you the machine has done to it. You could easily get it home and have it break the next day.

Plus, Nordictrack doesn’t honor the warranty on a secondary buyer. So you’ll have no warranty protection either.

However there’s another way to save hundreds on your Nordictrack elliptical that you may want to consider.

New Life Cardio is an online liquidator for cardio equipment manufacturers like Nordictrack.

They get Nordictrack elliptical trainers with boxes that were damaged in shipping (the machines themselves are ok). However, even though the ellipticals are fine, they can’t be sold as brand new due to the damaged boxes.

The technicians at New Life assemble the elliptical machines and test them out to make sure they’re running to the highest-quality standards. Then the machines are ready to sell – but without the box.

What does this mean for you?

You get a Nordictrack elliptical machine that’s in good working condition – but at up to $700 off the retail price.


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New Life is located in Los Angeles, California and deliver locally. They also ship across the United States (except Hawaii or Alaska). If you buy any machine for over $1000, they usually offer Free Shipping as well.


Is There A Catch?

Well, not really – but there are a few things you should know.

First, you probably won’t get an official box (then again you might prefer this).

nordictrack treadmill assemblyAnd the treadmill usually arrives to your home fully assembled. Now, if you’re not particularly good with a wrench, this might be a plus. However, keep in mind it will be bulky to move.

Another thing to know is that you won’t have the full Nordictrack Manufacturers’ warranty.

New Life puts their own warranty on the trainer of around 90 days labor and 3 years parts – which is not the full warranty the manufacturer gives you. But it’s still pretty decent.

The company itself has been around for 10 years with a very good reputation. So it’s stands behind their products.

Finally, some of the models they sell are older models that have been discontinued by the Nordictrack manufacturer.

The upside to this is that you can still get some older, popular models that can be hard to find. The downside is that if you want the latest versions of your favorite models (like the FS14i Freestrider for example), you may not find them here. You’ll need to go directly through the Manufacturers site for that.

So all in all, if you really want a great deal on a cheap Nordictrack elliptical, New Life might be worth considering. They have a lot of options and excellent discounts.

Here’s a video on what they do and how they check the ellipticals:




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