Can You Use A Nordictrack Elliptical Without iFit?

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“Can You Use A Nordictrack Elliptical Without iFit?”


can you use nordictrack elliptical without ifitIf you’ve been shopping for a Nordictrack elliptical machine, you’ve no doubt heard about iFit by now.

iFit is Nordictrack’s online streaming service that you can add to your elliptical in order to take fitness classes from your home – or get guided workout tours of famous world trails.

It’s pretty cool and you have thousands of options to choose from. However, not everyone wants it.

So that leads to a question I often get: Can you use a Nordictrack elliptical without iFit?

First of all, I don’t work for Nordictrack and this information is only current as of this article – so it’s always subject to change. (Always check with the Manufacturer for the most up-to-date info).

However, this post will attempt to answer that question as of today – and give you some options.

Then you can decide the best solution for you, if you don’t want to use iFit with your Nordictrack elliptical.


iFit Workout


First Thing You Should Know:

As of this writing, their are really 2 versions of iFit – the free version and the full subscription (paid) version.

With the free version you get a few built-in workouts. But you don’t get all the fancy Googlemaps workouts or trainer led workouts that you see advertised with the full subscription version.

With the free version of iFit, you can easily start your elliptical (or treadmill or bike) and go. You’ll never be charged a monthly fee.

You can still see your workout stats, use the elliptical incline, resistance etc – just like a normal elliptical.

So that’s one way you can use your elliptical “without” iFit.

Usually when people ask the question – ” Can you use a Nordictrack elliptical without ifit? ” they’re referring to the full subscription version of iFit that they have to pay for.

And by using the free version of iFit, they aren’t technically using it with the paid version.

This is one way a lot of people get around using iFit – they just sign in using the free version of iFit and go.

Now, unfortunately if you’re getting any of the fancy, newer Nordictrack ellipticals with the full-color, HD touch screens, then this is pretty much the only way you can use the Nordictrack elliptical without the paid version of iFit. (You can also use the machine in manual mode on some trainers as well).

However, if you get some of the older Nordictrack elliptical models that have only a dual-color console (like the one below), you can get around iFit another way.



With these models, you’re not connecting to iFit through the console (you have to connect to iFit using your tablet if you want to use iFit with these elliptical machines). So you can basically just get on the elliptical trainer, hit “start” and go. There’s no connecting to even the free version of iFit this way.

The downside?

As I said, these are older models and they’re getting harder to find. You can find them at Nordictrack elliptical liquidators like New Life Fitness Equipment here. Just look for a dual-colored screen.



Keep in mind that if you ever do want to try the full version of iFIt, it can be a pain to connect through your tablet instead of the console. But if you really don’t care to use iFit, then this might be the best option for you.

So in answer to the question “Can you use a Nordictrack elliptical without iFit?”. The answer is yes – you don’t need to have the full, paid monthly subscription version to use the elliptical.

You can either use the free version of iFit or get a model with a dual-color screen that doesn’t require you to connect to iFit before startup.

On another note, you may want to try the full version of iFit out for free for a short time, just to enjoy all the perks.

How can you do this?

If you use the link below to buy direct from the manufacturer, they will (as of this writing) include a full family membership to iFit for a short time at no extra charge to you.

Then you can see if it’s right for you before committing to any monthly payment. If you decide it’s not right for you, just go into your iFit account before the trial is up and choose not to renew your subscription. And then you won’t be charged when the trial period is up. Simple as that.

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